Friday, June 23, 2006

A Divine Distraction

I think large numbers of Christians today are getting very distracted from the main business of seeking God, building a relationship with him, caring for the needy, and sharing his love with others in every way possible.

For example. . .

A few days ago, I read in the newspaper this Associated Press article by Richard N. Ostling; I quote a little of it:

The divine Trinity—“Father, Son and Holy Spirit”—could also be known as “Mother, Child and Womb” or “Rock, Redeemer, Friend” at some Presbyterian Church (USA) services under an action Monday by the church’s national assembly.

Delegates to the meeting voted to “receive” a policy paper on gender-inclusive language for the Trinity, a step short of approving it. That means church officials can propose experimental liturgies with alternative phrasings for the Trinity, but congregations won’t be required to use them.

. . . One reason is that language limited to the Father and Son “has been used to support the idea that God is male and that men are superior to women,” the panel said.

Conservatives responded that the church should stick close to the way God is named in the Bible and noted that Jesus’ most famous prayer was addressed to “Our Father.”

Early in Monday’s business session, (they) sang a revised version of a familiar doxology, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” that avoided male nouns and pronouns for God.

Omygoodness. We get so carried away with worry over political correctness that we try not to call God “he” or “Father”? I have trouble imagining that my heart could be fully turned to him in worship if my mind is having to work so hard, watching for offensive pronouns and nouns.

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