Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Deaths of Soldiers in Iraq

This linked web site has all kinds of statistical information about deaths in Iraq; it is entitled "The Iraq Coalition Casualty Count." I want to bring attention to the number of young adults killed every day in this war.

June 26 Derek C. Dixon, Marines, age 20
Riverside, Ohio

June 25 Trista L. Moretti, Army, age 27
South Plainfield, New Jersey

June 23 Eric C. Palmer, Army, age 21
Maize, Kansas

June 23 Joel A. Dahl, Army, age 21
Los Lunas, New Mexico

June 23 Jason D. Nathan, Air Force, age 22
Macon, Georgia

June 23 Daniel P. Riordan, Army, age 24
St. Louis, Missouri

June 23 Joel A. House, Army, age 22
Lee, Maine

June 23 Jimy M. Malone, Army, age 23
Wills Point, Texas

June 23 Derek A. Calhoun, Army, age 23
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 23 Michael D. Moody, Jr., Army, age 31
Richmond, Virginia

June 23 Chris Davis, Army, age 35
Lubbock, Texas

June 23 Shane M. Stinson, Army, age 23
Fullerton, California

June 22 Michael J. Monpetit, Army, age 31
Honolulu, Hawaii

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