Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bill Maher and Religulous

Through his new movie Religulous, Bill Maher claims to be doing God a favor, according to a story at this linked site. He says he is taking the pressure off God, who is always too busy.
According to a TV commercial I saw, Maher really “sets religion on its ear” with this movie.

Here are the ten rules he and director Larry Charles went by in making the movie. (They let us know that they stopped short of calling them Ten Commandments.)

1. Seek a guerrilla filmmaker.

2. Be honest about your past.

3. Seek memorable characters.

4. Steer clear of the 'exotic.'

5. Encourage controversy.

6. Don't skip politicians.

7. Be frugal.

8. Mock equally.

9. Use popular tunes.

10. Rely on the facts.

I probably won’t see this movie. Here’s my opinion: You can set religion and people “on their ear” all you want to, and even do a thorough job of it. But. You cannot play “gotcha” with God. Many people, Maher included, I suppose, think God is somehow so much a figment of people’s imagination—or so intertwined with people—that they can actually understand what might set God on his ear.

He is far beyond our understanding and above our plane of existence; he is the creator of the universe. He created light. And time. How could any tiny person begin to think he could pull a fast one on God? Amazing.

Well, I suppose it will draw attention to God, and maybe that will be good. If he wants to, God can make some very positive results come from the movie.

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