Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter--the Proof!

On Twitter, Max Lucado wrote this on April 10:

“According to Newsweek: Christian influence declines as the number of Christians does. According to God: numbers don't matter. Proof? Easter!”

This linked article by Richard Blake is an explanation of and reaction to the Newsweek story.

Well, I have to agree with both Max and Richard. Here’s why Easter is proof:

God loves us and wants us to love him. God is holy, and only he is capable of perfect love; so with our imperfect love, we are not acceptable to him. Through Jesus Christ, we are made acceptable to God. Jesus paid the price, took the punishment for us by dying on the cross. He conquered death, rising again on the third day. God made the sacrifice of his son. This sacrifice through love is the key to everything.

The punishment we deserve because of our sins was taken care of; we were forgiven. It is a gift of grace, free, yet not free. We receive it if we believe that he died for us, sincerely ask for and accept his forgiveness for our failures, and accept his awesome, intense love. And then, nothing can ever separate us from his love, because of Jesus Christ.

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