Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to Describe a Sunset--or Not

If you go for a walk at sunset and you see the sunset and you want to write about how beautiful it is, what can you say?

In these days of lean writing, people don’t want to read about the sunset being “splendid” or “magnificent.” Too syrupy.

They don’t want to read about its colors--all the shades of pink and gold and yellow and purple and blue. Too inadequate.

And it’s not currently “good” to describe the brightness of the pinks and golds--how the clouds were outlined by the gleaming edge of gold and how the pink and blue lines radiated out in all directions for about one minute.

So how are you supposed to do it?

Should you just say something like “when I saw it, something in me welled up and felt tender, so I told God it was one of his very best” and just leave them to figure out all the rest?

That’s inadequate, too. And what if they can’t imagine it because they’ve never seen one just like it or maybe never noticed?!


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