Friday, August 27, 2010

Truth: Facing It

The typical living room has an invisible elephant standing in the middle of it, proverbially speaking. People who live in the house carefully skirt around it and try hard to keep from tripping over it. They feed it and keep it quiet.

 In today’s entry of My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers says, “Continually bring the truth out into actuality; work it out in every domain, or the very light you have will prove a curse.”

One of the easiest things to do is gloss over truth. It is much more pleasant to pretend problems do not exist than to confront them. Confronting difficult situations can be complex and thorny, not to mention, daunting.

If we don’t bring out the truth into the daylight and stand on it, things become crazy and shifty. If we let falsehood be in charge of our lives, life becomes, as OC says, full of darkness, shot through with flakinesss and a feeling of instability. Whatever truth remains will be tarnished and shoved around by irony. And that's darkness.

Truth must be worked into every aspect of our lives. How? We can’t do it alone. Often we are too used to being self-sufficient. If we seek God, he gives us the help we need. In 2008, I wrote this:

He will be found if we want him—if we reach out, cry out, just say the word. Lots of people today (and always) think we can heal ourselves, actualize ourselves, fulfill ourselves. We can’t. People are imperfect; only God is perfect—only he has the answers we need. Love is the only source of healing. And God is the only real source of love; if we feel love, it’s because God put it there as a part of himself.

God is the ultimate truth. All other truth rests on him. Out with elephants.

The picture is me, quietly feeding elephants.

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