Sunday, December 18, 2005

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

I refuse to get caught up in that silly argument that rages on in the news over whether it is still proper to say "Merry Christmas." Instead, "Happy holidays" is more politically correct, so that no one will be offended. It's always been Christmas as long as I can remember. We are so concerned about political correctness that we neglect much more important things.

So I say, if you wanta say "Merry Christmas," say that. And if you wanta say "Happy holidays," say that. But pay attention to important things. During this season, see if anybody is needy--hungry? cold? sad? See if you need to forgive somebody--or if somebody needs to forgive you. Tell somebody how much you love 'em. Give money to a charity. Buy somebody a present. Pray for peace on earth. That is my considered opinion.

This blog will hereby be on Christmas vacation until about December 28--taking a holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Hello cousin, I didn't read a thing that surprised me. Does that mean I know you well. I think not, but your position on most issues are very consistant with the teachings of Jesus Christ. That in itself separates you from most. I feel much warmer in this world because you are here also. I would like to argue with you just for fun, but I don't see any argument material. I do think USC will beat Texas. Texas is the best Texas team I can remember. I thought OU could beat USC last year, but we all know how that turned out. I hope Texas beats them soundly.

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