Sunday, February 26, 2006

In the Bible, Paul says he is being "poured out like a drink offering" for God. That's in Second Timothy 4:6. What does that mean? What would it mean if we were that drink offering being poured out?

Hmmm, let's see. We could think of a cup, a bowl, or a pitcher. The liquid in it is poured out for other people--for them to drink, so it becomes a part of them. So in this way, God can fill us completely with his spirit, as if we were the pitcher. Then he pours out the liquid, which could be his Spirit, filling us. So through us, he pours out his love and joy to other people. What do you think?

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Tyson said...

i think a drink offering in this instance refers to the sacrificial libation, or pouring away of wine to the greek gods. david also made a sort of drink offering when his mighty men broke through enemy lines to get him a drink from the well ... he poured it away because he didn't consider himself worthy of their risk (or whatever his reason was).

anyway, if paul intends either of these meanings, then your interpretation might be wrong. i'm not sure, just "offering" my point of view.


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