Thursday, May 04, 2006

Of Motherhood

Mother’s Day is coming up in a week or so. If you aren’t a mother, you probably have at some time had a mother. So it’s time to think about motherhood.

I have three children. They are grown now and have children of their own—my grandchildren! Even if my kids are adults now, they are still my kids. And I’ll always love them more than I can possibly say. I believe children are gifts from God. I feel that being a mother has been the most important and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. When they all come to visit for a couple of days and then leave to go back to their own homes, I usually have a little empty-nest syndrome popping up again—not as bad as in the first years—but it’s there, all the same.

This excerpt was taken from a Boundless Webzine article called “Children Are the Good Life,” written by Roberto Rivera y Carlo. Read the whole article at --It’s good!

Quick: name the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Who built the temple complex at Angkor Wat? While the buildings, among the greatest monuments ever built, still stand, their builders are all but forgotten, save to a relative handful of specialists. Given that none of us can reasonably hope to match this level of accomplishment, what's reasonable is to place our hope for immortality in our children.

(You see this way of thinking at work in Genesis where God promised Abram that He would make his descendants as "numerous as the stars." Abram's more accomplished contemporaries are all-but-forgotten while, through his offspring, all nations on Earth were blessed.)

There's another, more personal, way in that children are a blessing: they can transform you. They teach us what unconditional love, devotion and sacrifice mean in a way that no other experience can. They help us to distinguish what's important from what's not and what's lasting from what's transient. In other words, they make us better people.

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