Monday, February 19, 2007

God's Art in Colorado Springs

As the sun rises in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the mountains behind the Broadmoor Hotel turn bright orange and hot pink for a few minutes. A man said, “Somebody’s been fooling around with lighting!” But God is the artist there. His work is spectacular.

A small frozen lake spanned by a walking bridge rests in the middle of the Broadmoor complex. Wild birds often stop by to rest or forage in the little open-water patches on either side of the footbridge. Twice we saw white and black swans there. Early in the morning, the open water was completely encircled by fat gray Canadian geese, their heads tucked under their wings.

The geese reminded me of a winter day a few years ago when I saw a large flock of Canadian geese at a pond in the southern Oklahoma countryside. When I exclaimed over them, my elderly uncle, irritated for some reason, said, “Ain’t you ever seen a goose?”

“Not up close,” I said. Their soft gray elegance touched me, and I thanked God for the opportunity to see his bird art “up close.” I did not have a camera that day.

And I, of course, did not have my camera on our trip last weekend to the Christian Writers’ Guild Writing for the Soul Conference in Colorado Springs. My camera is too big; I must get a small one for traveling. I will have some pictures as soon as my two travel mates share their small-camera pictures with me. In the meantime, I have found some beautiful pictures of sunrise and sunset in Colorado Springs at the web site linked here. That’s where I got the one at the top of this entry; take a look at the other pictures by “doctorart.”

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