Friday, June 22, 2007

A Facelift for "Connections"

After a little vacation, this blog is now officially back in service. Or operation. Or whatever you might want to call it.

It has a new title, in case you didn’t notice. A woman’s prerogative is to change her mind at any given moment.

I decided that I should stop being so helter-skelter about the contents of the blog, even though that condition actually fits with my nature. We shall now follow a monthly schedule of sorts.

Here is a list of the subject or theme for each month, by weeks. For example, the first week of each month, I will write about God, his creation, his love—anything having to do with God, in other words.

First week of each month:
God Stuff

Second week of each month:
Literature, Music, Art

Third week of each month:
Pictures of People and Things

Fourth week of each month:
News and Views, Rants and Wheedles

Fifth week of each month (if there is one):
Examination of Intriguing Words

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