Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm thankful for......

I am thankful for all kinds of things. I feel a huge, overriding, always-there thankfulness for the sacrifice of Jesus. And God's continual presence in my life. And my family and friends. And America, a place where I can say whatever I want to in a blog!

Here are some things I am recently thankful for!

Last night, I was visiting with my brother and his family, and his fourteen-year-old daughter played her flute and her piccolo for us. She's very good at it, and she played some beautiful pieces on the flute. (I have to agree with my brother that the piccolo is a bit too loud and screechy.) I could see that she really loves playing; I could tell by the way her face looked as she played. She looked away from us, and she drifted off into the music, her arms and shoulders swaying rhythmically. The tone was tremulous and rich.

The thing is, I thought about how thankful I am that at her young age, she has found something that she gives herself to so completely. Many people search all their lives for something meaningful and never find it. I think it will always be important to her and give her joy.

I am thankful for the life of a good North Carolina friend of ours who died two years ago today. He was the kind of person who touched the heart of everybody he knew because he was caring, giving, and loving. He was completely unpretentious; his life was full of grace. We'll remember him always. And we'll stay close to his wife and his two children, who are like him--his legacy.

As I drove to work this morning, I was thankful for the autumn leaves of the thousands of oak trees in my part of the country. It has been very dry this fall, so they aren't as vivid as they sometimes are. They are bronze, gold, red, rust, orange, burnt umber--gorgeous! I am reminded that Robert Frost said "nothing gold can stay." So these beauteous colors will be with us briefly and then they'll fall off and pile up and leave bare limbs. Oh, well!

I'm thankful, too, for our two big lunky dogs. Spot gets hysterical when we come home, even if we've been gone only fifteen minutes. Taz is obsessed with chasing tennis balls. He would rather be petted than eat--unless leftover real meat is the option, of course. They love and adore us. I think maybe God means them to be a kind of picture for us of unconditional love.

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