Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Books: Jan Karon

I love the Mitford novels, a series by Jan Karon about the doings of Father Tim Kavanaugh, an Episcopal priest who lives in Mitford, North Carolina. I love the way Karon describes things, especially characters and dialogue. Right now I'm reading the latest, Light from Heaven. In this novel, Father Tim has agreed to try to revive a tiny church in the mountains that has been empty for 40 years.

A character named Sparkle volunteers to play the piano for the little Holy Trinity Church. She talks to the vicar about how it felt when she decided to obey God's nudge to volunteer her efforts: ". . . when you called for somebody this mornin', I got this warm feelin', kind of like choc'late meltin' if you leave it in th' car when it's hot, an' I knew th' Lord wanted me to do it" (298). A perfect description!

Karon, Jan. The Mitford Years: Light from Heaven. New York: Viking, 2005.

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