Thursday, September 21, 2006

Falling into the Book Challenge

Here is my list of books to read this fall, as part of Katrina’s Reading Challenge:

1. First, I will finish Trail of Feathers, by Robert Rivard. I lack about twenty pages.

2. Then I will finish Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. I was almost halfway through it, got sidetracked, and never went back to it.

3. One Writer’s Beginnings by Eudora Welty. I am teaching an online creative writing class this semester for the first time, and I am very interested in this kind of thing.

4. Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney. This is a work based on Titus 2, Paul's New Testament book. I'm trying to be a nicer, kinder, more loving wife and mother, and maybe this will help me!

5. Jericho’s Road by Elmer Kelton. I've heard Kelton speak at several literary conferences, and this book is autographed by him. I have read several of his novels, which are Western stories.

6. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by James Agee and Walker Evans. This book has the reputation of being an "American classic" about tenant families in the deep South. It reportedly was the book that started the genre of "creative nonfiction." Ditto numbers 3 and 7.

7. On Writing by Stephen King. I have read snippets quoted from this book, and it intrigues me, for the same reason as Welty's book.

8. Can Man Live without God? By Ravi Zacharias. I'm interested in this book because the cover says the author "shows how affirming the reality of God's existence matters urgently in our everyday lives." I believe it does.

Okay, I’m a reasonable person. I know that’s too many books for me to try to read in just three months. But that is my stack of books that sit around clamoring for my attention. I hereby pledge myself to read as many of them as I can, while teaching English full time. Probably, I realistically can finish through number 4.


Karen said...

Your list looks great!
Piper's book was fantastic - I know you'll be thankful you finished it! I also loved Carolyn Mahaney's Feminine Appeal - very practical!
Enjoy your reading!

Jen said...

My husband and I did a Bible study on John Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life. I liked it a lot! Hope you enjoy all your books and thanks for some good suggestions!

Katrina said...

Your list has a bunch of books that are right up my alley, Judy. I listened to the audio of On Writing - it was very good. And I, too, have read a chunk of Don't Waste Your LIfe (but I haven't gotten back to finishing it yet!). That Ravi Zacharias book looks really good, too. Thanks for joining in!

Anonymous said...

Take a break and get away from it all. Take a Alaskan Glacier Cruise to rid the stress!

Jane said...

I have heard a lot about Feminine Appeal, I must check it out. Enjoy your reading.

Susanne said...

Haven't heard of most of these, I'll have to go check them out! Happy reading!

Barbara H. said...

I've seen Carolyn Mahaney's Feminine Appeal on a few lists -- I like her blog, so I'd probably like her book. Will have to check it out.

Jennifer said...

Looks like a great list. Thanks for reminding me about that Piper book. I had heard great things about it last year, and it had fallen off my radar. Those writing books sound interesting too.

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