Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Drew and Jesus

A few years ago, my mother, my three-year-old grandson Drew, and I stopped at a Dairy Queen on our way home from a 45-mile trip to fetch Drew. We were going to eat hamburgers and ice cream cones; it was dinner time, a time when Dairy Queens are usually full of people.

After we ordered, we went to sit down in a large dining area. Only one other person was in that room. I said, “Look, Drew, we are almost alone in here.”

Drew said, “We aren’t ever really alone, Mom-oh. Jesus is always close to us.”

I was very touched by this little boy’s faith. As I thought about it, I was deeply gratified that my daughter and son-in-law had taught him to have faith in Christ, and that he could make the connection to what I said—even though, of course, I was more glad than disturbed about being alone in the Dairy Queen dining room. He knew that he didn’t have to worry or be afraid of being alone.

We did not teach our children about faith when they were little. I thought the most important values in life were family love and moral goodness. I took them to church pretty often, mostly because it seemed like the right thing to do. But through the years, God planted seeds of faith in them and got them through the hard adolescent years without any permanent damage. Family love and moral goodness are good . . . but they are not enough.

More to come….


ts said...

Be careful about using your family's real names, Judy. Your blog posts are stored in computer servers around the world, even after you've "deleted" them. You don't want something you've said to come around and bite people 20 or 50 years from now.

That said, I'm looking forward to your experiences bringing children up in the faith!

John said...

That's a good story!

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