Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin: A Modern-Day Noah

Many people around the world today are mourning the death of Steve Irwin, "a modern-day Noah," as he was called by RSPCA, a Queensland, Australia, news agency. Among the mourners are three of our grandchildren, ages 9, 6, and 5.

They faithfully watched the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet, thrilled by Irwin's animal adventures. Irwin's attitude of love and respect for all animals was contagious. I'm sure he had a great deal to do with our oldest grandchild's love of animals . . . and all insects, as well.

She was horrified a couple of years ago to see me smack a moth and stomp a cricket. Now, when I find them in the house, I capture moths and crickets and help them safely outside (if she is here).

Because of the Crocodile Hunter's excitement over every kind of slithery beast, she carries around frogs and gives them names. She even loves slugs. She says she would love to be a veterinarian, except that she doesn't want to leave home ever to go to college. Of course, her mother said the same thing when she was about 9 years old--and she changed her mind eventually.

Irwin will be greatly missed, because he was greatly loved by many.

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