Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thirteen Things, Yes

Yes, I know, I jumped the gun on this Thursday Thirteen thing. I was thinking it was Wednesday night when I posted it. It was actually Tuesday night—so I messed it up from the beginning. Ah, well!

After I posted it , I thought, “I don’t have time to do this.” I know there are thirteen reasons why I don’t. At least five of them are the courses I teach. And every evening, I fix dinner for my mother, my husband, and myself; I take Mother’s to her house and sit with her while she eats. That counts as three: cooking, visiting Mother, and cleaning up. A total of eight, so far. Then I usually wash at least one load of clothes—two more. I do some exercises with my exercise ball so my back won’t hurt—there’s another. I usually e-mail a couple of close friends and one or two of my kids and read a couple of blogs. That takes care of the thirteen!

Then, I thought, “Wait a minute." Maybe I do have time. I will try to use the thirteen meme creatively. I could even use it to proclaim Christ, rather than just posting meaningless things for the sake of posting thirteen things. Okay, I will accept this challenge.

I’ve already done this week’s—a list of fairly meaningless things. Maybe a bit of time wasted. I will pledge myself to create a list with more significant content next week!

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