Friday, December 02, 2005

Endless Forgiveness

In a previous post, I wrote about Jan Karon’s book Light from Heaven—now here it comes again.

A pastor in the story changes the sign outside his church periodically. Father Tim always passes by there on his way to town and notices the sign. Usually, it says nothing very remarkable, as the pastor tries not to offend anybody. But at Christmas time, it is inspired. It says, “Love is an act of endless forgiveness” (362).

I got an e-mail last year, one of those things that seem to float around in cyberspace forever. The writer said that December 4 is the National Day of Reconciliation. I wondered….can that be true? I doubted it. But think how it would be if people deliberately tried to reconcile their differences.

The Snopes web site gave me the answer. It is true. Here, in part, is the Snopes report:

"Senate Concurrent Resolution 83, agreed to on 16 November 2001, actually provides for not one but two National Days of Reconciliation, one on November 27 and the other on December 4. On those days, members of Congress will gather in the Capitol rotunda with the chaplains of the House and the Senate in order to 'seek the blessings of Providence for forgiveness, reconciliation, unity, and charity for all people of the United States,' as called for in the resolution."

By this means, the two houses of the government will be assisting “the Nation to realize its potential as —

(A) the champion of hope;
(B) the vindicator of the defenseless; and
(C) the guardian of freedom."

Read about it at this web site:

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