Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Quiet

Every year, at least once, I catch a miserable cold, and my voice goes out, so that I can only make barely audible squeaks. It happened earlier than usual this year.

It’s funny how people react when you can barely talk . They get very quiet. In my classes, I have to point and give handouts and write on the chalkboard a lot—and turn out class early. The students listen very carefully and ask quiet questions. When they leave, they try not to make noise, and they walk slowly.

Yesterday, I went into a Subway to order sandwiches for my husband and me. The girl who waited on me hung on my every word. (She had to, to hear what I wanted.) And she asked me questions slowly and quietly.

Little children whisper to people with laryngitis. They are the ultimate sympathizers. We should take lessons from them.


Here is very touching web site: http://www.wtv-zone.com/Mary/PASSINGOFGENERATION.HTML
More about that generation soon.


I’ve been enjoying some great music lately: John Michael Talbot’s album “The Quiet”; Michael W. Smith’s “Freedom”; and several Christmas albums by Mannheim Steamroller, best instrumentalists of all time.

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