Tuesday, August 08, 2006

God--The Pilot, Not the Co-Pilot

It’s not about us. It is about God. He is holy, awesome, and amazing. He loves us intensely, and he wants us to have lives that are orderly, peaceful, and joyful. But that is not his main purpose—to make us happy.

We’ve all seen the saying “God is my co-pilot.” The thing is, if we are the pilot and he is only the co-pilot, our plane is doomed to crash. We had best let him be the pilot because he is the only one who knows how and where to fly it. It isn't that he helps us achieve our plans and goals. It is that we will have the best life possible by following him wherever he leads.

In Pauly’s blog, Beer, Barbecue and Bible study, he says God's plans are the best possible things that could happen to us, because he wants the best for us--and he knows what is best. So we should be following, not leading. We don't know the way, but God does.

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Pauly said...

If God is my co-pilot, that means I still want control. It is when we relinquish control to God that we truly become free.
Being a follower makes us vulnerable and weak, but in the Kingdom, it is that vulnerability and weakness that makes us safe and strong. It is foolishness, yet wise... Kingdom living is definitely paradoxical.

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