Wednesday, August 09, 2006

On People Connection

Amy Scott's blog "Humble Musings" has an entry a few days old called "Friendship. " It started me thinking about the ties between people, in connection with blogging, which I've been mulling over these past few days.

I feel several different ways about blogging.

--Sometimes when I write something and put it on my blog, I feel as if I am throwing a needle out into a giant haystack. At these times, it seems like an effort that goes nowhere, to be seen by no one.

--Sometimes I feel very convicted in my belief that God wants me (and every other Christian) to use whatever means we have to spread his word. The Internet is a perfect way to do that, since it goes everywhere. In a way, it is like the intricate system of roads that were built during the time of the Roman Empire. In addition to making travel easier for the conquering soldiers, those roads were conducive to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus.

--Sometimes I feel that it is an amazing way to learn about all kinds of people. But I believe it is very important to have real, live friends. My closest friends live in other cities, unfortunately. I do have a number of good friends here, too, but I miss Karen and Lynn, especially. Karen has been my "best friend" since we were in the first grade. Lynn grew up next door to me and has always been like my sister. These friends complete me.

--I love writing, and blogging is a way to do a lot of it. In another entry, Amy talks about needing silence, about the time she spends writing. Writing is a way for a mind to discover itself, to express itself, to keep itself from becoming buried in the everyday hurry-scurry of modern life.

People need people. Staying glued to a computer is not a live people connection in the truest sense, and I think many lonely people try to use it as a substitute. Read what Amy quotes from the Washington Post.


ts said...

Hi, Judy. I'm writing in caps now. Hooray for me!

I definitely agree Christians need to inject their voices into the overall social discourse. Even if your blog is only read by a few people each day, it is making a difference. The "voice" of the world is so overpowering, we need to do everything we can to counter it and share the Truth.

Did you know you can create a bulleted list easily with HTML? For example:
< ul >
< li >First point
< li >Second point
< li >Third point
< /ul >

I had to break the tags because blogger won't let me post a comment with them for security reasons. Normally, you wouldn't insert spaces.
I believe the tags should work in a normal blog post, but won't work here in the comments section.

ts said...

An ordered list, with 1. 2. 3. and so forth is created like this:

< ol >
< li > First point
< li > Second point
< li > Third point
< /ol >

Judy Callarman said...


It makes me very happy to see you using capital letters!! It looks very educated and sophisticated!

Do you mean that when I am writing a "blog this" entry, or any kind of entry, I could do the listing thing? Would you have to go into the html mode to do it?

Thanks for that pointer. I'll try it!

ts said...

I hope I am right, but I think the HTML code should work in any blog entry.

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