Saturday, August 05, 2006

End of Languishing

Well, this blog has languished for a long period, since July 3, and I feel bad about that! When my spring semester of college teaching ended, everything seemed to just go haywire as far as having an organized life goes.

Then, too, I’ve been very busy with
--a summer online class
--various trips to see my children and grandchildren and visits from them
--trying to straighten the house between trips and visits
--writing about letters my dad wrote in 1944 and 1945 from the Pacific (which we found this summer)
--trying to keep my poor flowers from burning to a crisp in this horrible heat

Maybe autumn will come soon.

Another thing. I read a couple of articles (can’t remember what, now) about blogging, and I got a distinct feeling that I do it all wrong.

These articles said that successful bloggers read dozens of other people’s blogs and keep “conversations” going with all of them through the comments. I don’t have time to read more than three or four others, not every day. Sometimes I make comments.

My question is this: how does anybody who halfway has a “life” have time to do that? If I spend very much time blogging, I feel like a zombie when I finish, and my actual life is clamoring for my attention.


Tyson said...

one tool that makes blogging easier is the google toolbar, which has a button that allows you to automatically create a post with a link embedded to the page you are viewing. (google owns blogger, so it makes sense for them to have this feature.) for example, i just recently posted about a seattle times write-up on one of my favorite restaurants. as i read the article online, i decided to blog about it via the blogger button on my google toolbar. it's sort of instant-blog-post.

i actually get a lot of hits on my site from people doing google searching on "wayfaring stranger," but i don't think many of them return to be regular visitors. so traffic alone is not enough. to get "stickiness," you need to have other bloggers you have relationships with. i read your blog regularly because i am interested in you as a person, for example.

a good way to find like-minded bloggers is to use the blogger search bar. i found your blog when i searched for "spiritual giftings," remember? do something similar and leave comments on blogs that interest you.

... just some things i've learned.

Tyson said...

oh yeah, when you find a blogger you like, go ahead and create a link to their blog in your "blogroll." in the blogosphere, blogroll links are like gold.

Anonymous said...

It's true, thats is how I found this blog, you linked to Blog Ministry in the sidebar.
Blogging can take over and it is important not to get sucked in too much. I don't read many blogs when I think about it.

Judy Callarman, Scrabble Has-Been said...

If I link to another site in my sidebar, does that site's main person know it? If so, how?

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