Monday, August 14, 2006

Wayfaring Stranger--Not Lost

Read TS's Saturday night blog entry called Tomorrow's sermon--it is a very powerful appeal for total commitment to God.

He says, ". . . we must realize that we cannot choose who our partners in the gospel will be, who we will reach out to, or even where we will go. We can’t predetermine what our ministry is going to be like. God will likely use us in some way that we never expected. Are you ready to do something you haven’t anticipated or wanted? If God calls you, are you going to listen or ignore His call?"

Too often we "commit our lives" to God, and then proceed to make all the plans ourselves, not really following him. We like to know what is going to happen.

My young friend Angel told me today that she and her husband try to do whatever God leads them to do. Sometimes, she said, they wind up in surprising places, doing things they never would have imagined for themselves. Sometimes, it is kind of shocking to see what happens. But it is always fulfilling, beyond words.

Most people get nervous when they can't see ahead--a little like driving through thick fog. But that's the way God is. He shapes and molds us, if we are willing and trusting, and leads us into the most amazing works for him. His plans, as we see when the fog lifts, are absolutely the most incredible thing that could ever be. We shouldn't be stubborn and refuse to go along with him just because we can't see around the corner to the outcome. But think how it would be--with all our senses jingling and clicking along--just to reach out and take his hand.

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